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We want to help employers get the most out of their staff.  Your employees are your greatest asset – we can help you maximise the potential of your staff with simple and effective techniques.  This will lead to greater profits, happier more motivated employees and an easier life for you!

Do you know all the ‘ins and outs’ of employing staff? Ensuring you comply with employment law isn’t easy, but we can assist throughout the process of hiring, managing staff and ending employment contracts.

Conflict at work?  An accredited, certified mediator can work with you and your employees to  resolve disputes.

We work across Kent and London with organisations who want the very best from their people.

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Ban on exclusivity for zero hours contracts

From 26th May 2015, it will not be lawful to include or enforce an exclusivity clause for employees on zero hours contracts.  Under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 employees on contracts which do not have a minimum number of paid hours per week will be able to work for other employers.  If they suffer a detriment as …

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Getting racists fired…

A Tumblr blog called Racists getting fired (and getting racists fired) has claimed another victim in the USA recently, according to the BBC.  Chris Rincon, who used to work at Jet Set car wash in Houston, Texas, was fired after posting an offensive slur against black people on Facebook.   His post was shared on Racists getting fired which led to followers …

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Overtime pay during holidays

There has been a landmark case decided by the Employment Appeals Tribunal which suggests that employers should be paying workers their base pay plus overtime while they are on holiday.  Whilst it has been less well publicised, this could also include commission, travel pay and other similar payments. The BBC website provides a summary.  But what does this actually mean …

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