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We can help your business get the most out of your staff. We'll ensure that you comply with employment legislation and manage your employees effectively.

Yes, I want peace of mind.

Many people put off contact with HR at their peril - send us an email today and ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.

Canterbury HR Limited is a consultancy providing advice to businesses and individuals in London and Kent. We can provide assistance and support on employment law and all aspects of HR processes, policies and procedures. We can also deliver training to your managers to ensure effective implementation of HR initiatives.

Do you know all the ‘ins and outs’ of employing staff? Ensuring you comply with employment law isn’t easy, but we can assist throughout the process of hiring, managing staff and ending employment contracts. We can also help you maximise the potential of your staff with simple and effective techniques.  Conflict at work?  An accredited, certified mediator can work with you and your employees to  resolve disputes.

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New employer support

Are you a business which is just starting to hire staff?  Or perhaps you’ve recently appointed new employees but haven’t yet got the paperwork sorted out?  Canterbury HR has a special offer for businesses hiring their first staff.  To ensure that you stay on the right side of the law and to protect yourself and your employees, for £150 + VAT …

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A new year’s resolution…

It’s time to get your ducks in row!  Have you recently reviewed and updated your employment contracts to ensure that they are in line with the latest legislation?  Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to get your policies written down into a handbook but you haven’t quite had the opportunity.  Make a new year’s resolution that you actually stick to and …

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Social Media

Talk at Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Rachel Downer will be speaking at the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting on Tuesday 12th November.  Problems relating to the use of social media in the workplace are constantly hitting the headlines and it is important that employers are aware of what they can and can’t do. Rachel Downer will be looking at a number of scenarios to …

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