Just as we thought winter was over…

Spring seemed just around the corner and then suddenly there is another deluge of snow. This makes driving conditions tricky¬†and plays havoc with public transport. So, as an employer, what should you do if staff can’t get to work?

  • Ultimately it is the employee’s responsibility to get to work on time. However, the key here is to be reasonable and don’t force them to come in if they feel it is no safe to do so.
  • If you know that weather is going to be bad – plan ahead. ¬†See if shifts can be swapped or if someone can take work home or work from another site.
  • If someone really can’t make it in, you are not obliged to pay them (although be aware: you can’t deduct salary without authorisation), but consider other alternatives such as making the time up at a later date.
  • Check employment contracts to see if there are agreements in place regarding the situation.

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