Ordeal by interview

There have been a couple of cases recently highlighting the “interesting” interview techniques used by some employers.  But are these strictly legal and do they really help?

LG recently interviewed candidates in Chile and, to highlight the how realistic their screens are, the pretend window in the interview room showed a meteor hitting the city outside and the candidates’ reactions were assessed.   Curry’s in Cardiff asked candidates to dance as part of their application to become a sales assistant in the camera section.  While the LG interview is probably a hoax used to advertise their high-definition screen, the Curry’s interview process is worrying.  Asking candidates to perform unnecessary activities can leave companies open to discrimination claims, in this case, for example, disability discrimination as those with some physical disabilities might find it harder to dance and it is not needed for the job.

It can be very difficult to assess candidates and interviews can only go so far with assessing the applicant’s suitability.  A more accurate way of assessing a candidate’s suitability is to ask them to complete activities that might be part of their job, for example if the job requires them to work on spreadsheets give them a computer and ask them to complete some typical tasks.  Alternatively if this isn’t practical, try giving them scenarios and asking them how they would deal with them.  By doing this you are assessing the actual skills needed and not laying yourself open to a potential discrimination claim.

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