Use of Social Media at Work

The BBC has published an article about the increase in the number of Council workers that have been suspended for accessing social media and porn sites at work.  Some of it relates to staff spending too much of their working time on non-work activities.  However, other issues of inappropriate behaviour that have arisen include:

  • teachers befriending pupils and one teacher trying to arrange to meet up with a pupil outside of school hours,
  • an employee making threatening comments to a colleague ,
  • two employees making racial comments, and
  • a worker posting rude messages about the public on Facebook while on duty.

Employers need to ensure that they have robust policies on the use of social media in place and these are linked to their policies on equality / dignity at work and their code of conduct.  In addition, employers should ensure that their staff are aware of these policies on joining and provide training to workers on this so that employees know what is expected of them.

ACAS has some useful information on developing a policy, or contact us for assistance on developing and implementing a policy.

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